Abolishing the police does not mean the abolishing of community safety. WHAT WE NEED

Alternatives to Police Services

There are more effective methods of providing safety and security to our communities—methods that reject the murder and brutalization of Black people

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We can repeal outdated laws and bylaws that do not serve us. By prioritizing public health and social support, we can eliminate our reliance on surveillance and enforcement

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Disarmament & Demilitarization

SWAT teams don’t increase safety. By shifting funding away from military-grade weapons and invasive technologies, we can create non-violent solutions to social problems

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The Movement Is Happening Now

United States

United States taxpayers are spending $955 million a day on ineffective police services.

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Canadian taxpayers spend $41 million per day on policing.

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Let’s Fight Together.

Borders don’t come between Black people demanding to defund police and invest in our communities. In a long tradition of global Black solidarity, communities across Turtle Island and around the world are sharing strategies and joining together to demand divestment from criminal punishment systems that kill, harm and loot resources from our communities, and investments in Black communities, and in genuine and lasting public safety.

Our intention is for this site and defundpolice.org, which provides organizing tools to defund the police in the United States, to be read together as a shared tapestry of resistance.


Visit The Movement For Black Lives to join the movement and find additional resources:


It just takes one click to contact your local representatives demanding the defunding of police: